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​"As a member of the 2012 United States Olympic Team in the sport of Show Jumping and the reigning National Champion at just 18 years old , i can't stress how important my own fitness is alongside that of my horses . Diego is the best trainer I've ever had and has built my strength ,fitness and stamina up exponentially . He creates routines that match my work schedule ;for example he pushes me on days where my riding is light and takes care to prepare me lightly when my workload is heavy . He is extremely careful about physical weaknesses and injuries to push u without stressing anywhere painful. Besides what a brilliant trainer Diego is , he is incredibly kind ,funny, and patient - he makes the hard work we do in the gym fun and enjoyable ! I owe a lot of my major success in the past year to him!"


   Reed Kessler


​"I have been training with Diego Piriz for the past four WEF circuits .
His positive attitude , creative and individualized training program and professional service continues to impress me ."


   Mary Rivas 


¨I have been working out with Diego the past three winters and there is no one better. He knows how to push me to my personal limit safely . Each workout is hand tailored , challenging , and fun . My workouts are constantly varied and could not be more positive and professional . After each season with Diego i feel stronger , more limber , and have more energy . His positive energy , knowledge of fitness , and dedication make it easy to recommend him to anyone from a recreational gym and to a professional athlete .
I can't wait to come back and train with him next season . Hopefully he will save me the time.¨

   Juliet W Reid 







I have worked out with Diego every winter polo season for 5 years. After 25 years of show jumping and now playing polo I have a lot of old injuries. My goals were strength and flexibility but it was important to not get hurt again as well. Diego was able to tailor our workouts around my issues, always finding a new way to work every muscle. He has a way of pushing me to work harder and somehow still keep it fun. He is always very professional. After the workouts he stretches you out and that's something we all love. Most of his clients have been training with him for years. I hate the idea of diets but Diego told me one thing about changing the way I ate and that really helped.
I feel stronger and fitter than I did 20 years ago. Thanks Diego!

     Esther Kane















I've always believed it was vital to any equestrian to make time for the gym.  It is so important to keep your body fit and tune in order to become a successful show jumper, and finding Diego really affirmed that for me. Diego specializes in training equestrians which makes him one of the most knowledgeable in the field. He knows exactly how train the body in ways that benefit both the horse and rider, which many trainers do not. I send all of my clients and students to Diego and the positive feedback is outstanding, and it especially shows in the quality of their riding.  He is motivated and hard working, and has the most positive energy in the gym, making work outs both fun and effective.  Diego can inspire anyone to change their lives and become fit! 

  Eric Lamaze

I would say Diego is one of the best trainers i ever had. He not only motivates you but educates you on all aspects of well being. He is always striving and looking to improve and expects the same from his clients. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a dedicated physical trainer.


    Leo Mandelbaum

When I first saw Diego I had no experience in working out at all.  I had always wanted to be able to run a 5k but never thought I would be able to do it.  Diego trained me to run my first 5k and not only did he train me, he ran along side me encouraging me the whole entire way.  Diego taught me so much about nutrition, stretching, exercises and to believe in myself.  Diego is a genuine person and truly cares about your health and will push you to reach your goals.  He made the hour of exercise fun.  I truly enjoyed working out with him because I knew he cared and wanted me to reach my goal just as much if not more than I did.
Diego designs routines based on results, not fads. I love the fact that 90% of what we did, I can duplicate at home or in the gym. His patience has been amazing and his encouragement has made all the difference. I am not afraid to try new things because of the confidence I have gained. Not only was Diego my trainer but I consider him a lifetime friend that i can always count on. 


    Sherry Sprankle

I have trained with Diego for several seasons both in Aiken and Florida. He is simply a great trainer! His work-outs are simultaneously challenging and enjoyable, and always diverse -- employing the most modern fitness techniques and sometimes different sports! I have won MVP awards in Silver Cup (2008) and US Open (2009) while under Diego's training regimen, and I know it was an integral part of my success. Thank you, Diego!                       


   Sincerely, Adam Snow

Wow, I met Diego in 2012 and he was such a sweet and very professional young man.  He takes health and fitness very seriously and why not...he knows his stuff.  I was at least 20 over weight when I met him and within 6 weeks of working out with him and another fellow employee, I dropped 12 pounds!!!   I was amazed at the difference in the body image and the number on the scale. Since then, I gained a few pounds, but with encouragement from him, I got back in the saddle, and I'm down to 134 with only 4 more pounds to go.  It's not often that you meet a trainer that truly has your best interest at heart, but Diego does. His focuses on your strengths not your weakness, but encourages you along the way with positive affirmation.  Thank you Diego, for your knowledge and words of encouragement!!!!


Sherri Holder

What an honor to write about my " trainer" Diego! I have trained with him for four years the three weeks around Christmas but also through out the winters on weekends. He has an unusual ability to find your core. Your core of mind and body. He takes one to an almost spiritual level. One meets a new physical self after ten lessons. I feel twenty tears younger when I'm involved with his exercise system. Taller. Leaner and " Sexier,". More flexible and in tune with my body. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a passion and professional personal trainer.


Sam Edelman. president and founder." Sam Edelman" lifestyle fashion

I was looking in the mirror late September 2014 and I finally realized that I could not recognize my own reflection.  Hitting my all time high at 175lbs and being 5'2" came with no forgiveness, many excuses and a long list of bad habits.  It was time to change; I took baby steps in the beginning and what followed was a ripple effect that changed my outlook on life, health, happiness and my relationships.  Thanks to Diego Piriz at Lifetime Fitness I have currently lost 35lbs and feel in the best shape of my life.  What did I change? My mind!! From day 1 Diego continuously sends me videos and blurbs that inspires true success from the heart.  When I think I want to quit he reminds me of the life long journey I have embarked on. Training, Tennis, running and spinning were and are part of the recipe. As I continue to drop the pounds food intake is everything and eating clean is key!! Handing in those food logs to Diego has kept me honest and on track.  Regaining my health in body and mind has empowered me, brought my family closer and I'm integrally happier.  My husband and I continue to lead by example for our family, and through consistency I believe the benefits will be carried on through generations.

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