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Client's Transformation

I was looking in the mirror late September 2014 and i finally realized that i could not recognize my own reflection. Hitting my all time high at 175lbs and being 5'2'' came with no forgiveness, many excuses and a long list of bad habits. It was time to change: I took baby steps in the begining and what followed was a ripple effect that changed my outlook on life, health, happiness and my relationship. Thanks to Diego Piriz at Life Time Athletic i have currently lost 37lbs and feel in the best shape of my life. What did I change ? My mind! From day 1 Diego continuously sends me videos and blurbs that inspires true success from the heart. When I think I want to quit he reminds me of the life long journey I have embarked on. Training, Tennis, running and spinning were and are part of the recipe. As I continue to drop the pounds, food intake is everything and eating clean is a key!!! Handing in those food logs to Diego has kept me honest and on track. Regaining my health, body and mind has empowered me, brought my family closer and I'm integrally happier. My husband and I continue to lead by example for our family, and through consistency I believe the benefits will be carried on through generations.


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